2020 Tile Trends

Tiles introduce life into our home with various options of shapes, patterns, colours and prints. However, with so many options, how do we begin to know which designs are trending and how to use them? Scroll to see the trending tiles for 2020. 

Hexagonal Homes

Hexagon tiles are a great alternative for metro tiles. Hexagon tiles are not only used on walls, but can be used on the floor to create an edgy style or used as a transition.

Scale It

You’re probably used to classic tiles such as subway tiles or square tiles, but these new scale tiles bring your home to life. The name scale comes from the idea that they resemble the scales of a fish. These tiles can be used to create accent walls, used on backsplashes or as a pool tile.

Spanish Style

Create an eye-catching floor with decorative spanish tiles. When these tiles are laid together, they create a unique pattern for your flooring. These tiles can also be used to create a unique backsplash in kitchens or bathrooms.

Go Large

Large tiles, known as large format tiles, are sure to turn heads. They create a bold and premium statement and give a spacious feel due to the minimal grout lines.

Incorporating outdoor materials and bringing it indoors has been popular for a while, but thanks to technology, this look can be achieved with tiles. Porcelain tiles are able to have a stone, wood, concrete and marble effect through ink-jet. Porcelain tiles are also increasing in size causing large-format tiles to become popular.