2021 Tile Trends

A new year means new and exciting tile and design trends. While many of the trends from last year have flowed over to 2021, they are slightly different. Throughout 2021, we’ll be seeing bigger, bolder colours, warm textures and earthy tones in interior design schemes.

Wood-Look Tiles

Wood-look porcelain tiles have already started on a popular trend this year. These tiles give you the wood look effect without the maintenance hassle. Wood-look tiles are also increasingly popular because there is a large variety of patterns and colours you can choose from.

3D Effect Tiles

3D effect tiles can be used to create feature elements or accent walls right throughout your home’s interiors, such as in the bathroom, on the kitchen backsplash or on a feature wall. 3D tiles are extremely effective when used with strategically placed lighting fixtures which will highlight the 3D dimensional designs and patterns.

Marble Look Tiles

Natural stone tiles are always on trend, offering a timeless design for any home interior. Throughout 2021, there will be a lot more of bold natural stones, including porcelain tiles with heavily veined surfaces which will make any space stand out. These tiles will be incorporated into different areas of the home, such as a statement headboard in the bedroom, or on the floor and walls of the living room. 

Large Format Tiles

Large format tiles are one of the biggest trends for 2021, especially for those seeking a super-contemporary look. Large format tiles have fewer grout lines making it easier to keep clean. They can be used from wall to floor to in any room to create a seamless look and transition.

Scale Tiles

FIsh-scale tiles were a hit in 2020, and will continue to be a hit in 2021, however there will be a shift away from bold colours to a more subtle one shade. These one shade scale tiles are easier to accessorise, especially in bathrooms, where the goal is to create a calming space.

Indoor To Outdoor Tiles

Using the same tiles from indoor to outdoor creates a similar look throughout the different spaces and has become a growing trend in 2021. With the development of technology, the same tile material can be used in both spaces. Home owners are looking to create one big space and using the same tile throughout helps to achieve this. The most commonly used tiles for the indoor to outdoor look are large format tiles or wood-look tiles.