5 Reasons To Shop Thor Appliances

Looking to upgrade your kitchen? Active has introduced a new appliance collection to the Jamaican market - Thor Kitchen that boasts durability and style. Thor Appliances is a brand known for manufacturing various kitchen and home appliances. Here are five potential reasons to consider shopping for Thor Appliances:

1. Wide Range of Products

Thor Appliances offers a diverse range of products. Our collection features kitchen appliances like refrigerators, ranges, range hoods, and cooktops. A wide product range allows you to find all your needed appliances within a single brand, ensuring consistency in design and performance.

2. Performance & Durability
Thor Appliances are known for producing high-quality and durable products. They have sturdy construction, stainless steel tools, and reliable performance designed to please both the eyes and the appetites. The gas ranges for example, are designed with heavy-duty control knobs that have a die-cast metal heating element ensuring durability. All products are built to handle the demands of a modern kitchen.

3. Practical Price

Thor Kitchen allows customers to experience affordable luxury at a practical price starting at $79,000+gct for range hoods and $299,000+gct for ranges at Active Home Centre. They are comparable to the likes of Viking and Wolf professional appliances but won’t break the bank and will leave your kitchen looking sophisticated for years to come.

4. Design & Aesthetics

If you are looking for appliances that not only perform well but also complement the overall design of your kitchen or home, Thor's products offer stylish and modern options. From it’s LED control panel lights that illuminate a striking blue for an added pop of colour, to its range hoods that feature touch control with integrated backlit digital display, Thor kitchen is overall a sleek appliance.

5. Customer Support & Warranty

With Thor Kitchen being introduced to the market by Active Home Centre, customer support is guaranteed as we provide installation of all appliances offered ( Conditions apply) and a one (1) year warranty if you experience issues. So, no need to worry Active has you covered!

With all these benefits of Thor Kitchen, it’s time to level up, create your dream kitchen and unleash your cooking skills because your kitchen deserves the best for 2024 and beyond. Thor - Powerful Performance, Practical Price.


Joe. F, United States

“For years my wife has wanted a professional style range. She would tell me stories about how her grandmother owned a Thermador range and how much she wanted one of her own. Of course with the price of a Thermador or similar professional range, all I could tell her was, "someday." Then I stumbled across this Thor Kitchen HRG3080U. I couldn't believe the price difference, so I started reading reviews. Everyone seemed to love theirs so I figured it was worth a shot. When it arrived I knew at once I had nailed it. The unit does in fact look like its professional counterparts, at a fraction of the cost. The build quality seems decent and the components are top-notch.”

N.Forbes, United States

“This stove is spectacular. Not only does it look great, the heat output of the burners is awesome! My fiance is very picky about his BTU's and this stove is exceeding his expectations! This is very hard to do, as he worked in kitchens for a long time. This stove was the closest he could get to a commercial stove, without actually getting one (our insurance wouldn't let us - we asked). The oven door is heavy and heats quickly and evenly. Excellent purchase!”