5 Things To Consider When Buying a Fan

Feeling hot? Us too! ūü•ĶNow that it is officially summer, the heat is becoming unbearable. Let us help you get cool with some quick tips for buying a fan.

Size & Function Of The Room

Fans are designed to fit and operate specifically in certain applications - wet or dry, indoor or outdoor. Ceiling fans are available for any location - our 52‚ÄĚ Anywhere fan is made to literally go anywhere, even in your bathroom shower or outdoor gazebo.

The size of the room helps us to narrow down the specific size fan that will perform well in that space. For spaces below 90sq.ft. ceiling fans 15‚ÄĚ-42‚ÄĚ will be a great fit.

Height Of Ceiling

Each fan is designed to operate efficiently at a specific distance from the floor. With ceiling heights varying based on the design of homes, downrods are used. 

Most fans are sold with a 6‚ÄĚ downrod and rods can be purchased in increments from 1ft - 6ft. A fan being installed in a room with a 9ft ceiling will typically require the 6‚ÄĚ downrod.¬†

For slanted ceilings, measure the ceiling at the point where you are planning to install your fan. 

Light & Controls

Having a light kit on your fan can be a plus. If your space can only accommodate one light source then a light kit would be a good option. Lights can provide accent or mood lighting in your space. Some fans come with the light kit, giving you the flexibility to install it at a later time or to remove it for that matter. 

Pull chains might not look appealing in all décor styles, luckily there are other ways to control ceiling fans. These range from wall controls which will allow the dimming of the light to moderately sized remotes.


The main determinator of the price of a fan is the technology built into the fan. Some other factors that could affect the price of your fan:

  • Design

  • Materials

  • CFM

  • LED

  • Size


Immerse yourself in our options ranging from traditional to ultra-modern and from minimalistic to futuristic.

Your fan can complement or be the focal point of your décor. Choose from our wide array of finishes to complement or contrast with any aspect or element of your décor - Chrome, Brushed Steel, Black or Bronze. Visit our showroom at 84 Constant Spring Road and let us introduce your style to our pallet of finishes.


CFM is how much air a fan or motor can circulate in any given minute. This is relevant to us because fans were made to circulate the air in a room. As hot air in a room rises, a ceiling fan will circulate that air around the room and the higher the CFM, the more air will be circulated therefore the faster the room will cool.

A growing innovation in the fan industry are DC motors.  DC Motors are inverter or energy efficient motors that use up to 75% less electricity without compromising on the overall performance of the fan.