5 Ways To Use Mosaic Tiles In Your Home

Mosaic tiles can add colour, texture and different patterns to any room in your house. These tiles are any combination of glass, ceramic, porcelain or stone and are set on a mesh sheet making it easy for installation. With so many varieties of mosaic tiles, how do you know which ones to choose and where to put them? 

The most common places for mosaic tiles are kitchens and bathrooms, however, they can style any room. Read more to find out the top five places where mosaics are used


Mosaics are also commonly used for borders to finish the edges of tiles or to provide an elegant border to your tiles. 

Transition Tiles

Transition tiles are most commonly used to separate rooms at the doorway, different styles of tiles, or to create a pattern. Below a mosaic is used to transition wood flooring to tile flooring.

Ceramic Pool Tiles

When thinking about the finishing of your pool, ceramic mosaic tiles are the best option. These mosaic tiles can be combined with a variety of colours or shapes to create designs. Another thing to note is that these tiles will influence the colouring of the pool.

Porcelain Pool Tiles

Porcelain tiles are another option to create a unique look for your pool and to move away from traditional ceramic tiles.


Mosaic tiles bring any bathroom to life - whether they are used for an accent wall, the shower flooring or above the vanity.


The kitchen is said to be the heart of your home. With this being said, mosaic tiles are most commonly used for the backsplash to add style to your kitchen. These mosaics come in a variety of stone, glass or metal.