Light Up Your Space


From the latest trends to classic designs, our lighting department here at Active Home Centre has everything you need to brighten up even the darkest spaces. Lighting is an essential component to a successful design scheme and first impressions are lasting; make a statement upon entry of your home with a unique pendant light.

Lighting has also become a design focal point in general spaces such as living, family and dining rooms. Whether classical, mid-century, modern or contemporary, the theme of the entire space can be encapsulated in the right lighting accent. From quaint table lamps to animated colorways, lighting fixtures are your haven to be as ornate or minimalistic as you’d like.

Set the mood in the bedroom with the use of warm lighting to create an ambient, soft and cozy atmosphere. This lighting temperature is ideal because it can help to relax us, wind down for the day, and get ready for sleep.

While warm lighting has its perks, it is not recommended for all areas of the home. Daylight or white lighting is preferred in rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom for a few reasons. It offers better visual clarity for food preparation and improved color perception for getting ready. As well as these rooms tend to have cleaner designs which are complimented well by white light.   

When decorating a rental space that may change occupants, it is best to go with transitional, functional and budget-friendly fittings. Opting for transitional fittings is a safe choice for rental properties because these can appease both the traditional and trendy tenant. Eco-sustainability is not only trending but necessary, whether warm, neutral or white, all customers are encouraged to outfit with LED bulbs.