Make Your Home A Haven

In every crisis, there is an opportunity; and being forced to stay indoors is the perfect time to re-design your space. Here are a few tips on how to make your home a haven without breaking the bank. 


Moving your furniture around not only creates the feeling of a brand-new space, but doubles as great exercise. Start with the focal point of your room, and then rearrange all the other pieces around it.

Watching more TV than usual? Reposition your couch for optimal viewing pleasure.

Think of your usual go to spots back when social distancing wasn’t a thing and try to create different vignettes within your home that remind you of them. Missing the window seat at your favourite coffee shop? Recreate that nook at your own window, or on your porch.

Create multiple seating areas within your living room, so you don’t tire of sitting in the same space all the time.

Add a few throw pillows for extra comfort, and a punch of colour.

Switch rugs & curtains between rooms.


This is starting to sound like a workout video but stay with me. Working from home is the new normal, so we must adapt.

Designate a specific area in your home for work related activities. It will help you to remain focused while you complete tasks. The same applies if you are home schooling.

Carve out an area for work activities, versus dining, versus relaxation. Remember, right now your home is a multi-functional space. 

A guest room is the perfect area for a home office set up. If there isn’t enough space for a desk as is, shift your bed against a wall or remove smaller furniture items to make the space.

Add task lighting, a plant or floral arrangement and storage shelves or baskets to organise books and other paraphernalia.

It is critical to have ergonomic seating in your work space. You’ll be spending a lot of time in that chair. If possible, invest in seating with proper lumbar support.

If your square footage doesn’t allow for a designated office, you can turn any surface into a desk. Place a sofa table behind your couch or against a wall and add a chair. Remember to accessorise your space, that’s what gives it personality.



Shop your home for unused items and re-purpose them. Can your dresser become the new TV console? Can that night stand be a side table? Can my bench or ottoman be used as my coffee table?

You should constantly be asking yourself - how can I make this item more functional? When shopping for additional pieces for your home, try to select a few that can have dual functionality for moments like these when you want to switch things up.

Our emotional and mental health is directly impacted by our environment. Our homes need to be that place of calm and security during this period of uncertainty, make it an environment that you’ll never want to leave (by choice).

Written By: Joelle Smith

Owner & Interior Designer, If Walls Could Talk.