MTM: Small Bathroom Reno

Jamaican social media influencers, Tami and Wayne Mitchell have taken us on a new renovation journey and Active Home Centre was excited be a part of this project. The project was a small bathroom makeover for their guest bathroom, however they had only 3 weeks to complete the renovation before their special guest arrived. Tami and Wayne wanted to transform the space from a dark and dated bathroom, into a bright, airy and modern guest bathroom.

Project Overview

Property Type: Home

Style: Modern

Renovation: Guest Bathroom

Project Duration: 3 Weeks

How They Refreshed The Space

Matte Tiles

Light colour tiles can help to make a small bathroom feel bigger. For Tami and Wayne, they didn’t only opt for light colour tiles, but added a touch of luxury by using matte tiles. The matte tiles were used for their shower walls ( Rlv Elyt Blanco)  and floors ( Rockstone Beige), which helped to create a subtle and sophisticated look. These tiles were also the perfect choice because they are non-slippery and easy to clean, especially when living with children.

A Feature Wall

Create more flair in a small bathroom with a feature wall to add a focal point. The feature wall also helps to break the pattern of all the same tiles to create an interesting feature in the space. The Rlv Elyt Blanco with its 3D effect certainly turned the bathroom into a work of art.

 A Niche

A niche is considered an open storage space that is installed within the wall of your shower or tub area, and is used to keep bathroom items organized. Most small bathrooms don’t have much storage space, so a niche was created in the shower to make room for their soap and other personal items while showering.  To create contrast, the feature wall tile was used inside the niche which was the Rlv Elyt Blanco.

An LED Mirror

Another issue with small spaces is the lack of light. To solve this, Tami and Wayne added an LED mirror. Not only did it provide more light in the bathroom, but it created a modern and glamorous feel to change the mood of the bathroom overall.


A Vanity

When your bathroom is short on space, the right vanity can help you live larger within your limited square footage. The White Shaker Cabinet was not only their favourite pick, but also the MTM fans who voted on social media. Its’ sleek, modern, and glossy surfaces gave the bathroom a clean and simplistic look. Other than the look of the vanity, it also had the most storage out of the 3 options that were presented. Storage was a huge factor for Tami and Wayne because they wanted their guests to have enough space. By choosing a white cabinet, it also helped to make the space seem bigger.

The Windows

They definitely brought the outdoors in with sliding windows which helped to create an even more well-lit bathroom. Bathrooms also hold a lot of moisture and accumulate humidity, so adding this window helped to provide a natural form of ventilation. Based on the height and location of the window as well, guests will be able to view the tropical outdoors.

A Wet Room Shower Screen

The couple changed from the traditional bathtub to a more modern and stylish wet room shower screen. This clear glass shower door added depth to the bathroom to make it appear bigger. This glass feature allows you to incorporate radiant tiles to complement the bathroom's interior.

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