Styling Your Home Office

Work from home is now the norm for many of us and it’s definitely here to stay. For some it may seem relaxing to be at home while for others it’s difficult to adapt. Here are a few ways to style your work-from-home space into an aesthetic haven that not only inspires productivity but creativity. 

Lighten Up

A chic desk lamp or pendant lighting can brighten your space in the day or night. Keeping your space well lit helps to increase your productivity and ensures you shine on your zoom meetings.


Enhance your space with a large faux plant adjacent to your desk or a small desk plant. Stress can directly impact work productivity. Work from home may at times create a more stressful environment especially when balancing parenting or house duties along with work. Using artificial office plants can greatly help to lower stress levels. To create a more stress-free zone, create green spaces with the help of faux plants.

Add a touch of Greenery

Add An Artistic Flair

Bring life to your empty walls and be inspired by wall art that can help to create a peaceful atmosphere. Based on recent studies, art featuring landscape, texture or abstract can help to reduce stress and are more stimulating for the mind. 

If you need that extra push to be productive we also recommend adding quotes to serve as a constant reminder that you can do this! For those persons who meet with companies or clients in different time zones you need to ensure you’re on time. Deck the walls with 3 versions of clocks representing different time zones to make your space modern and stylish. 

Add a Bookshelf

Bookshelves create a focal point in your space and as a result demands attention. Do it well and you’ll be staring at your bookshelf all the time. Bookshelves can be styled by:

Creating a cohesive colour scheme with a mix of solid or contrast colours
Adding meaningful items such as art or photographs of people you love or a memento from a special moment in your life.
Adding books by visually breaking up the space by stacking some, then laying some flat and leaning some. You can also mix in a few other natural objects for interest.

Add a Rug

Work in comfort and style by adding a rug to your office that can compliment your décor and give your space an even cozier feeling. The general rule of thumb is to ensure that your area rug is large enough to contain your entire desk and task chair. Since rugs are visually appealing and stylish this adds even greater personality to your space. To make it even better incorporate some interesting texture and pattern to make you want to look forward to the day’s work.