212 22"x 22" Ceramic Floor Tile

212 22"x 22" Ceramic Floor Tile


Regular price J$490.00

This Ceramic Floor with a great finish, making it suitable for different environments to make your home or workplace much more comfortable and attractive.

  • 7 Tiles per box
  • Slight variation, clearly distinguishable differences in texture and/or pattern within similar colors.
  • Environments: Wall covering, Bathroom, Bedroom, Kitchen, Living room.
  • Applications:LB + LF | LB - Indoor residential and commercial environments with light traffic. + LF - Internal, external walls and facades.
  • Finishes:Glossy, HD printing, Greater resistance to water stains, Unrectified.

Tiles per box: 7 Estimated Boxes Needed:

Available in:

  • Kingston
  • Montego Bay

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