Dynaflor 300 Thinset in Grey

Dynaflor 300 Thinset in Grey


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Consisting of a Portland cement powder, graded silica aggregates and chemicals carefully selected and controlled by DYNA Chemists. It is a high shear bond strength dry-set thin-set mortar for setting vitreous (low absorption, less than 6 %) ceramic floor tiles, quarry tiles, and pavers over concrete masonry, cured Portland cement mortar beds, brick, glass mesh mortar units, gypsum board, unglazed ceramic, marble and clay tile for residential, commercial, interior or exterior applications. DYNAFLOR 300 provides a permanent installation with high bond strength and requires no soaking of tiles. DYNAFLOR 300 is resistant to water after being cured but does not provide a waterproof barrier.

Available in:

  • Montego Bay

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