20810 Outdoor LED Solar Flood Light

20810 Outdoor LED Solar Flood Light


Regular price J$26,900.00

  • 200W LED Solar Flood Light
  • Suitable for residential and commercial usage
  • Height 15 to 20FT, Light dept up to 30FT
  • Wattage and Lumens: 200W, 2000 LM, 6500K
  • Panel Type: Polycrystaline Aluminum body. 9FT Length cord.
  • Floodlight: IP 67 PVC PLASTIC 6500k (DL) Lithium battery


  • Photocell (Dust to Dwan )
  • Remote (Hours adjustment Light adjustment)
  • Rechargeable Battery (NiMH), 4 hrs charge time, Life Span 50,000 hrs

Available in:

  • Montego Bay

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